Devamos Cottage

About the homestay

Devamos Cottage is a beautiful 3 bedroom private cottage with breathtaking views of Himalayan Mountain range in Mukteshwar. A luxury home surrounded with nature for a unique experience and comfortable stay, perfect for friends and families with kids.

Every corner of this home offers a stunning 180 degree of snow view of Himalayas, a gorgeous sight to behold the beauty and keep unforgettable memories for years.


What you can do?

Staying in a villa in the Himalayas can be a unique and rejuvenating experience. Here are some activities and things you can do while staying in a villa in the Himalayas:

Enjoy the Scenic Views

The Himalayas are renowned for their breathtaking beauty. Simply relax in your villa and soak in the stunning mountain views.

Hiking and Trekking

The Himalayan region offers numerous trekking and hiking opportunities. You can explore nearby trails and embark on multi-day treks to experience the natural beauty up close.

Wildlife Watching

The Himalayas are home to diverse wildlife, including snow leopards, Himalayan tahr, and various bird species. Consider going on wildlife safaris or birdwatching tours.

Yoga and Meditation

The serene environment of the Himalayas is perfect for practicing yoga and meditation. Many villas offer yoga and meditation facilities or can arrange sessions for you.

Visit Local Mukteswar temple

Explore the rich culture by visiting mukteshwar temple. Which is around 5000 year old.


You can track to near by rivers and falls and can spend quality time with friends and family and kids, It's an adventurous way to experience the Himalayan rivers.

Cultural Experiences

Interact with the local communities to learn about their culture, traditions, and cuisine. Some villas may offer cooking classes to teach you how to prepare traditional Himalayan dishes.


The Himalayas provide an excellent backdrop for photography. Capture the stunning landscapes, flora, fauna, and the local way of life.


Due to the clean and unpolluted mountain air, the Himalayas offer excellent stargazing opportunities. Bring a telescope or simply gaze at the night sky from your villa.

Spa and Wellness

Many villas in the Himalayas have spa and wellness facilities. Enjoy massages, hot tubs, and other relaxation treatments while surrounded by the serene mountains.

Adventure Sports

Depending on the season and location, you can engage in adventure sports like paragliding, skiing, snowboarding, or mountain biking. Local Shopping: Explore local markets and shops to buy souvenirs, handicrafts, and traditional clothing.

Picnics and Bonfires

Arrange picnics or bonfires in the villa's garden or nearby scenic spots for a memorable evening with friends or family.

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The best place to visit.

Beautiful and peaceful Cottage with Snow view surrounded by Pine, Oak, Fruit & Herbal Trees​

3 Double-Bed Rooms with Attached Washrooms​​​​

1 Beautiful Hall with dinning area

Staff is available (Cook & Housekeeping)​

Cook food or order

Dedicated BBQ + Bonfire in Outdoor Space​​​​

Pvt Garden with mesmerising view

Located in Saliyakot, Mukteshwar ​

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