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Devamos Village tourism, also known as rural or community tourism, involves travelers visiting rural areas to experience the local way of life, culture, traditions, and natural surroundings. It is an alternative to traditional tourism and focuses on authentic and immersive experiences. Here are some aspects of village tourism:

Immersive Cultural Experiences

Village tourism allows travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture. Guest can participate in traditional activities, can get involved in various farming activities (including milking of cows), go on a tractor ride, go cycling, visit a temple and experience religious ceremonies, walk around the village and meet the villagers, or simple relax and enjoy the serenity,, gaining insights into the customs and daily lives of the villagers.

Devamos Homestays

We offer homestays with local families. This provides tourists with the opportunity to live with and learn from local residents, experience local meals, and engage in daily activities and give opportunity to our kids to get connected with our roots.

Culinary Experiences

Guests can savor authentic local cuisine and even participate in cooking to learn how to prepare traditional dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

Arts and Crafts

Villages often have rich traditions of arts and crafts. Visitors can witness artisans at work and purchase handmade products as souvenirs.

Outdoor Activities

Village tourism often emphasizes outdoor activities such as tours in local fields, cycling, birdwatching, and fishing. These activities allow tourists to explore the natural beauty of rural areas.

Community Involvement

Travelers can contribute to the local community through volunteering opportunities, such as participating in community projects, teaching, or supporting local businesses.

Environmental Conservation

Village tourism initiatives often promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices, encouraging travelers to respect the environment and contribute to conservation efforts.

Preservation of Heritage

By attracting visitors, village tourism can help preserve cultural and historical heritage, as it often provides economic incentives for communities to protect their traditions and historical sites.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Travel:

Village tourism offers a chance to explore lesser-known destinations away from the crowded tourist hotspots. It allows travelers to discover hidden gems and unique landscapes

Responsible Tourism

Village tourism typically promotes responsible and sustainable travel practices, respecting local customs and minimizing negative impacts on the environment and culture.

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